I have had good luck with communication of extra items (extra sauce for example) and it has been added. The delivery time so far has been excellent. I just now submitted my 3rd order with them.
Fried potstickers were excellent, not soggy around the edges like some places make them. My favorite was the 3 Delicacies soup. The chicken and beef were tender enough to bite thru and the veggies were the perfect kind of firmness.
Great food at a great price! Delivery is always friendly and fast. Thank you!
Fried pot stickers were good and you get 8 in an order. Egg roll also isn't bad. I wouldn't say it's the best Chinese food around but it's not bad either. One thing that is beyond delicious is the soup... I didn't order this time but sometimes I make a special trip there just for the soup.
Flavors great. But I was left disappointed with the portion of the egg rolls and especially the soup. The soup portion was less than a coffee mug. Compared to other Chinese restaurants this was small
Since this is the first time I have tried this place, I ordered the pu-pu platter and Happy Family which allowed me to sample several items. I have to say that dele very was very fast (under 15 minutes) so everything was hot and fresh. I can highly recommend the shrimp toasts, beef sticks and fried shrimp, the won tons were nicely filled as well the egg roll was fine but not fantastic. Happy family was delicious and hot, nothing was overcooked or rubbery (which can happen when you have a dish with both seafood and beef/chicken). The fried rice was ok, but nothing spectacular. Overall I got great service and food and will select them again.
Any questions please call us.